A player wearing Plated Coralium armor

Output dA762F

Plated Coralium Armor set

The Plated Coralium Armor is a tier III armor set featured in AbyssalCraft. The armor uses large quantities of Coralium to craft (ingots, pearls, plates).


Output XvrFuN

Crafting recipe (gif is refusing to animate, click on it)

Materials used to craft the Plated Coralium armor are:


The Plated Coralium Armor is stronger than diamond, and it provides the following potion effects when worn:

  • Night Vision I
  • Speed III (when inside a body of water)
  • Water Breathing II (when inside a body of water)

The armor set also has a "Death Aura" that damages any mob/player within a 3x3x3 area. It can also dispell the Coralium Plague, if the player got that potion effect on them (added in AC 1.7)


  • This is likely the most expensive armor set in AbyssalCraft, requiring the player to obtain tremendous amounts of Coralium.

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