This page contains information regarding things to take note of when you start playing with AbyssalCraft.

Important NotesEdit

The information has been updated to reflect on AbyssalCraft 1.10.2. However, this page only reflects on the exploration, and not the more technical things regarding the Transmutator and Crystallizer.

Generating a new worldEdit

The first thing you should do after installing AbyssalCraft (as of version 1.8.4 and later) is to craft a Necronomicon. This picture shows how a Necronomicon is crafted:

Necronomicon Crafting

This book contains the majority of the information written on this wiki page, with some extra info on materials found in the various dimensions added by the mod (and new materials found in the Overworld).

As you might suspect, AbyssalCraft adds a new overworld biome when you generate a new world with it, the biome (called "The Darklands") is made out of Darklands grass, which is a purple/indigo grass that emits nether portal particles, and other things you can easily notice inside it is the trees (leaves have a similar color to the grass) and the various generated structure scattered around the place (as of lately, the structures are quite rare). A good start when you find a Darklands biome is to locate the 2 story high buildings that looks like a wizard structure, for the simple reason that it contains an fully powered enchantment table, allowing you to quickly enchant tools/armor as you obtain them.

Exploring in AbyssalCraftEdit

Once you've obtained a full set of abyssalnite armor/tools and/or loads of coralium (found at the bottom of the ocean), you should start obtaining the components needed to craft a Gateway Key, allowing you to enter the Abyssal Wasteland. Doing this will require that you've found a Darklands Mountains biome, and then slain enough Shadow Creatures, Shadow Monsters and Shadow Beasts (you will need 4 Shards of Oblivion, which requires 8 Shadow Gems each, which is a total of 32 Shadow Gems/282 Shadow Gem Shards/2538 Shadow Fragments). You can still craft the Oblivion Catalyst using a Nether Star, but that's optional now.

Once you have the key, find a good spot and right click on the ground to create the portal, and then enter it (TIP: bring food and perhaps torches or some sort of light source to mark your path once inside).

Inside The Abyssal WastelandEdit

Once you've navigated your way into the Abyssal Wasteland, you should be aware that this place is filled with undead creatures, and that you should find a good place where you can protect yourself from them.

Things to take note of in here:

  • The 100 block tall obsidian pillars have a diamond block at the top (yeah, I might as well spoil this out right away).

In mob ways, you will encounter Zombies, Skeletons, Depths Ghouls, Abyssal Zombies, Spectral Dragons and Skeleton Goliaths during your visit, which can cause trouble (depending on your health/food status, and the number of mobs you encounter). The regular zombies can be used as an diversion for the abyssal ones, as they will prioritize them over the player, meaning you can force a pack of abyssal zombies to target regular zombies instead of you. The Depths Ghouls are a lot taller than the other mobs, so they can be kept away with spaces that are smaller than 3 blocks high. Dealing with the spectral dragons can be more of a pain, as they are in their current state heavily protected from damage, and can fly through any matter, making it easy for them to hit you while dodging arrows. If you get in a sticky situation, you can always try to kite a spectral dragon so that it pushes the other mobs away, giving you time to evade. One thing that can be a lot more of a pain to counter than the Spectral Dragons is the Skeleton Goliaths, who deal a lot of damage once they land a hit on you. The only good way to get past them is to use a similar technique to the one you might use against a Depths Ghoul, as the Goliaths are even taller.

Locating Abyssal StrongholdsEdit

As you may know, there are special strongholds within the Abyssal Wasteland, and they can be located using Powerstone Trackers (crafted with an eye of ender surrounded by coralium gems),  which functions just like eyes of ender, you right click in the air while holding one, and it will fly towards the closest stronghold. Once you reach a stronghold, the powerstone tracker will continue it's way until it reaches the Dreadlands Infused Powerstone, which it will land by, just like the an eye of ender will land by end portal frames.

Summoning/defeating "Asorah, The Fallen"Edit

Asorah, The Fallen is the first boss found in AbyssalCraft. In order to fight Asorah, the player must obtain the components to craft an Altar which must be built in the wastelands using abyssal cobblestone, and will only assemble when shift-right clicking the center block with the second tier (abyssal wastelands) necronomicon, which then can be used to summon Asorah by right-clicking the alter with the abyssal wastelands necronomicon once you've placed the required items on the pedestals. Fighting Asorah can be a bit tricky with the Spectral Dragons spawning around him, as Asorah drains the life force out of them to heal himself, ending with them dying. One advantage you can take with that is that when a spectral dragon dies, it causes a small explosion, dealing direct damage to Asorah; similar to what happens when you destroy an endercrystal during the Enderdragon fight. Once Asorah has lost half his health, he will start to slowly lose health when close to a Spectral Dragon, slowly falling apart instead of siphoning their life force (don't take this as an advantage, as he will resume the life draining once he has 25% health left, at which point it will hardly aid him that much). Once Asorah's health reaches zero, he will die with the same animation as the Enderdragon, apart from the Spectral Dragons who just die like any other mob. When he is dead, the player can loot the exp dropped from him, and obtain the "Eye of The Abyss".

Reaching The DreadlandsEdit

In order to reach the Dreadlands, the player must have killed Asorah, located a Abyssal Stronghold, and have a gateway key, and be in the possession of a transmutation gem. Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key is crafted by placing the gateway key in the center of the crafting grid, with the other 3 components around it (1 located on top of it, the other 2 on the sides in the grid). The key is used like it's former counterpart. Right-click on the ground and a portal will be created.

One thing you should do before heading to the Dreadlands is to create a Transmutator, as it will be very useful later when it comes to experimenting with crystals produced by the Crystallizer. In order to craft it, you need 2 Refined Coralium Blocks, 1 Liquid Coralium Bucket, 1 Transmutation Gem and 5 Coralium Bricks. In order to obtain the Coralium Bricks, you need to pour Liquid Antimatter on Liquid Coralium, creating Coralium Stone. Liquid Antimatter can be found in the Coralium Infested Swamp biome, but can also be crafted if you can't find the biome (using 1 lava bucket, 1 water bucket, 1 milk bucket and 1 liquid coralium bucket, with 5 iron ingots placed as a boat with the buckets on top of it in the crafting grid).

Inside The Dreadlands Edit

Once inside the Dreadlands, you'll notice the Abyssalnite/Dreaded Abyssalnite Golems, who continuously fight each other (with the exception of the dreaded one also attacking the player). These mobs can be used as an easy way to farm huge quantities of Abyssalnite, as they drop chunks of it on death. The environment in the Dreadlands is quite desolate, but there are still mobs that spawn here (apart from the aforementioned golems). In the Dreadlands Forest biomes you can find Demon Pigs and Dread Spawns (and the golems plus the Dreadling, which has a fairly average chance of spawning in all of the various Dreadlands biomes). If you happen to stumble upon a Dreadlands Mountains biome, you should be able to find larger amounts of Dreadlings, but also Fists of Cha'garoth, Spawns of Cha'garoth and the infamous Dreadguard. The only ore you can find here are the Dreaded/Dreadlands Abyssalnite ores, which can be smelted down for more Abyssalnite Ingots. There is also a Purified Dreadlands biome (which is the opposite of the normal Dreadlands biome, since this one is covered in Abyssalnite Stone instead of Dreadstone).

Gaining entry to Cha'garoth's Lair Edit

In order to reach Cha'garoth, and fight him, you need to access his lair. This is done by crafting the two pieces of his altar, then placing them at ground level 40 inside a Dreadlands Mountains biome. However, in order to do this, you will need Dreadium Ingots, which can be obtained through a couple of methods. You can obtain them by transmuting Dreaded Shards of Abyssalnite (dropped by Dreadguards, who has a chance of spawning in any Dreadlands biome, but more often in Dreadlands Mountain biomes), or by Crystallizing Dreaded Chunks of Abyssalnite (the Crystallizer is crafted by surrounding a furnace with Dreadstone Bricks, but with 1 Block of Dreadium on each side of the furnace). The altar consists of 2 pieces, a bottom part and a top part, the bottom part is crafted with 2 Bones, 1 Dread Cloth, 2 Dreadium Ingots, 2 Dreadstone, Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key and 1 Dreaded Shard of Abyssalnite (the Gateway Key in the middle, with 1 Dreadium Ingot on each side, then 1 dreadstone below the Dreadium Ingot, and the Dreaded Shard there, then the cloth on top of the Gateway Key with a Bone on each side of it). The top part requires 1 Bucket, 2 Sticks, 3 Dread Cloths and 3 Dreadium Ingots (the Bucket on top with 1 Stick on each side, then all of the Dread Cloth in the middle row and all of the Dreadium Ingots in the bottom row). Once you have the altar pieces, you will need to get to ground level 40 in the Dreadlands Mountains biome. When you place the bottom piece of the altar, you will get a message if the altar is placed at the wrong height, then you will get a message telling you to right-click the top part if both of the altar pieces have been placed correctly. Once you have clicked, the altar will disappear, and you will be inside Cha'garoth's Lair.

The Dread Cloth is crafted by putting a piece of leather in the middle, surrounded by Strings and Dread Fragments (four each, in a checkers pattern).

Finding and Defeating Cha'garoth Edit

Once inside the Dreadstone Stronghold that holds Cha'garoth's Lair, you will encounter multiple Dreadguards while heading to the far north end of the structure, where you will walk down a staircase until you drop down into the lair. There are 2 additional rooms within the structure, where you can find various things. When you reach the hall with fenced windows (reached after going up the staircase), Cha'garoth's health bar will appear, and Spawns of Cha'garoth will spawn at your location as long as their master is alive. Once you've reached the lair, you'll find Cha'garoth in a circular room with 2 Dreadguards (and the amount of mobs he has spawned while you were working your way towards him). If you have a bow and a large amount of arrows, the fight should be a bit easier, apart from the many minions that spawn at your location. One way to make the fight easier on your end is to have splash potions of healing (as all Dread mobs are undead), buying you time when throwing them at the enemies while healing yourself. Another method for making the fight easier is to either have the Plated Coralium Armor set or the Dreadium Samurai one (the samurai set gives you a health regen, and the Katana deals a lot of damage). Once you have defeated Cha'garoth, he will drop a Dread-plagued Gateway Key, which needs to be transmuted in order to obtain Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key, needed to reach the final dimension.

Reaching Omothol Edit

Once you have defeated Cha'garoth and transmuted the Dread-plagued Gateway Key, you're good to go. Just use the new Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key to open up a portal to Omothol.

Inside Omothol Edit

As of right now (AbyssalCraft 1.8.2), Omothol is still quite the work-in-progress, so the dimension is currently just floating islands with Remnants, Omothol Ghouls (will spawn in the next update), Shadow Creatures, Shadow Monsters, Shadow Beasts and Sacthoth, Harbinger of Doom (has a fairly small chance of spawning here). Apart from the terrain and mobs, there won't be any new ores in Omothol, but it will be covered in a gigantic city (which will generate infinitely throughout the dimension).