Fist of Cha'garoth
Location The Dreadlands
Health 50
Damage 7.5
Height 1.8
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags none

The Fist of Cha'garoth is an semi-elite mob found in The Dreadlands .


The Fist of Cha'garoth drops 1 - 3 Dread Fragments on death.


Instead of being an elite mob or a normal mob, the Fist of Cha'garoth is the middle. It has high health, but not that high damage.

The FIst of Cha'garoth is spawned by Cha'garoth during the boss fight, along with Spawns of Cha'garoth .


  • The Fist of Cha'garoth is the first semi-elite mob in AbyssalCraft.

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